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Hinduism in Pictures. Special Offers. Web Resources. Spiritual Texts. Sri Aurobindo. What is Your Natural State of Mind? Share This. Who Am I? Why do we want our World to End? Why is Life Such a Struggle?

Our Natural State is Joy

What is Intelligence? A Definition of Intelligence. Translate the Page. We promote tolerance and the highest ideals reflected in these cultures. We have been serving the world community since All Rights are reserved. No part of this website can be copied or reproduced in any manner. It is not a conscious state of your existence.

It can never become part of your conscious thinking. And then why do I talk of this state of "not knowing"? For all practical purposes it does not exist at all. Here, I have to explain what I mean by the word "consciousness". When do you become conscious of a thing? Only when the thought comes in between what is there in front of you and what is supposed to be there inside of you.

That is consciousness. So, you have to necessarily use thought to become conscious of the things around you, or the persons around you. Otherwise, you are not conscious of the things at all. And, at the same time, you are not unconscious. But there is an area where you are neither conscious nor unconscious. What can anyone do about this thought? It has a tremendous momentum of millions and millions of years.

Can I do anything about that thought? Can I stop it? Can I mould it? Can I shape it? Can I do anything about it? So, can that instrument be used to understand its own nature? It is not possible. And yet, when you see the tremendous nature of this movement of thought, and that there isn't anything that you can do about it, it naturally slows down and falls in its natural pattern.

Natural State Quotes - BrainyQuote

But there is no such thing as a thoughtless state at all. If all the religious teachers tell us that you are going into a "thoughtless state", they are taking us all for a ride. All that is balderdash. It can never become part of your conscious existence. So, what is one to do? Can anybody help you? No outside agency can help you. That means a complete and total rejection, as I said in the beginning, of all that man has thought and felt before you. As long as there is any trace of knowledge, in any shape, in any form, in your consciousness, you are living in a divided state of consciousness.

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I refer to my coming into a state of "not knowing" as "the calamity". What happened? I don't know. Suddenly thought has fallen into its natural state. The continuity has come to an end.

So, what I am saying is not the product of thinking. It is not manufactured by my thought structure inside. Nor is it a logically ascertained premise. But what is happening here is only the expression of that state of being where you do not know what is happening.

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You do not know how this organism is functioning. This is a pure and simple physical and physiological state of being. It has no religious undertones or overtones. It has no mystical content whatsoever. Question: I was told by people who are around you that when this "calamity" befell you, you couldn't recognise even ordinary things. You were asking like a new-born child, "What is this?

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Then you would ask, "What is this? Since the memory is there in the background, it begins to operate when there is a demand for it. That demand is created by an outside agency, because there is no entity here. There is no centre here.

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There is no self here. There is no Atman here. There is no soul here at all. You may not agree. You may not accept it, but that unfortunately happens to be a fact. The totality of thoughts and feelings is not there. This human organism is responding to the challenges from outside. Since there is no centre here, since there is no mind here, since there is nothing here, what is it that is happening?

What is happening here is that this human organism is responding to the challenges, or to the stimuli, if I may put it that way. So, there is nobody here who is translating these sensations in terms of past experiences. But there is a living contact with the things around. That is all that is there. One sensation after another is hitting this organism. And at the same time there is no co-ordinator here.

Practicing Happiness: Your Natural State of Being

This state of "not knowing" is not in relationship to your Brahman, or your Nirguna Brahman or Saguna Brahman or any such thing. This state of "not knowing" is in its relationship to the things that are there around you. You may be looking at a flower. You may think that it is a crazy state. You do not know what you are looking at.

This is not because there is a drive from inside, but the outside challenge brings out this answer.

So, I say that this action is always taking place outside of this organism, not inside. How do I know that these sensations are bombarding or hitting this organism all the time? It is only because there is a consciousness which is conscious of itself and there is nobody who is conscious of the things that are happening. This is a living organism and that living state is functioning in its own way, in its natural way.