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  2. A whistling woman and a crowing hen...
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In Gen.

Animal Crackers (); Whistling Woman & Crowing Hen ()

The rabbinical answer [4, p. We may conclude that, in order to create Eve, not only a rib was taken from Adam but a whole side. Adam originally had two faces. There is some difference of opinion among commentators as to whether Adam and Eve were at first formed back to back or whether the original Adam was male on his right and female on his left side. But whatever their exact original disposition, God separated the two halves.

And a major separation of this nature would seem to be confirmed by the verse in Gen. According to Krappe [5], this interpretation must have been known to Jesus of Nazareth as well as to those whom he addressed.

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A whistling woman and a crowing hen...

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Crowing Hen

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Institutional Login. Oh, maybe just whistle. She opens his door and pauses.

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You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together - and blow.

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I can't listen to it on this computer - but it might be interesting. It's at the bottom of the frist big box - there's another item about whistling higher up which isn't the right one :.

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I'm sure that boys and girls probably whistle in equal measure, but girls give up or are forced to this behaviour as unfeminine. Alas, some girls take up "screaming at anything" : : : : as an attention-seeking substitute.

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An intersting issue The latter gave me some trouble, as they were sound recordings made in a room with poor acoustics and with people speaking British. A woman of U. The whistler was an astonishing virtuoso, and it would be a great pleasure to hear him show off his repertory.