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With a title taken from the Batsford book, this is nature writing for the modern reader. It is a book both for those that live in the country and those that don't, but experience nature every day through brownfield edge lands, transport corridors, urban greenspace, industrialised agriculture and fragments of ancient countryside. Evans weaves historical, cultural and literary references into his writing, ranging from T.

The essays include The Weedling Wild , on the wildlife of the wasteland: ragwort, rosebay willowherb, giant hogweed and the cinnabar moth; Gardens of Light , about the creatures to be found under moonlight: pipistrelle bats, lacewings and orb-weaver spider; The Flow , with tales from the riverbank, estuaries and seas, including kingfisher, minnow, otter and heron.

The Commons looks at meadowland with a human footprint, with the Adonis blue butterfly, horseshoe vetch, skylark, black knapweed and the six-belted clearwing moth. Other chapters look at the wildlife returned to Britain, such as wolves, wild boar and polecats, and finds nature in and around landscapes as varied as a domestic garden or a wild moor.

How to See Nature ends with an alphabetical bestiary, an idiosyncratic selection of British wildlife based on the author's personal encounters. Paul Evans is a nature writer, Guardian Country Diarist, poet, broadcaster, journalist and senior lecturer in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. He broadcasts regularly for Radio 4 nature programmes. Newsletter Google 4. Help pages. Prothero Michael J. Benton Richard Fortey View All. Go to British Wildlife. Conservation Land Management.

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Mammoth Ivory God of Wealth, Daikoku, Cinnabar Cord Necklace

By: Paul Evans Author. Publisher: B T Batsford. Click to have a closer look. Select version. About this book Customer reviews Biography Related titles. Images Additional images.

The Cinnabar Box (Guardians of the Earth)

About this book A beautifully lyrical collection of essays on the natural world in Britain by the Guardian 's country diary writer Paul Evans. Customer Reviews Review this book. Nature Writing Coming Soon. Current promotions. Bestsellers in General Natural History. More Info. Donna left the room.

Donna grabbed all her clothes from the closet and threw them feverishly on the bed. She had no idea what to pack, and the suitcase Mom gave her was awfully large. She sat on the bed and stared at the mess. The new clothes were ugly and she hated them all, but looking in the mirror she decided that no clothes could make her pretty, anyway.

Sometimes Mom looked as if she were made of glass, beautiful, almost glowing, but brittle.

But then, Aunt Yolanda ate real food, and cakes and sandwiches, while Mom ate only salads and fruit. A soft knock on the door, and Aunt Yolanda walked in, her emerald green eyes shining with victory. Donna was quiet, but the silence, this time, was friendly. The relief drained her of all emotion.

I was scared to go. But I think she is bored with me. You nevertheless love each other very much, and it will be better when you are older. I came to get you not only because I love spending the summer with you, but because the time has come to start your training in the family business. There is no family business!

Gemstone Facts

And maybe some bubbling pots? It must be a joke, of course, the way they always made up stories together, but Aunt Yolanda seemed oddly serious. From inside her shirt she took a heavy silver locket, and opened its little hinge. Inside was a translucent pink gemstone.

The thing I want to share for you

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Pathfinder Battles - #036 Cinnabar - Crown of Fangs

She ran the thought through her mind two or three times. Suddenly the stone darkened, turning garnet red with fiery flashes. Donna jumped back, losing her thought. The stone slowly returned to the original pink. I was informed when the time came for me, and then trained by my Great Aunt Matilda. What a truly magnificent Witch she was… I wish you could have met her. Anyway, unless someone suspects you have inherited the Wicca talent, you are not told. This is what we call ourselves, incidentally. The true, old name is Wicca, not Witchcraft.

But years of training are necessary, and you succeed only if you truly wish to devote your life to this work. Would I be able to turn people into frogs? Enormous, ancient conifers touched their foliage above the roof, protecting the house like a green blanket. Aunt Yolanda parked the van in the dilapidated driveway, and as Donna jumped out she smelled the wild roses, honeysuckles and pines. The soft rustling of leaves and bird songs were the only audible sounds. Is there really a country club? Do I have to go there? You know I never really lie.

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