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SEO mistakes can be pretty easily avoided if we know what they are. So thank you so much for sharing. Thanks, your point about search volume has really made me think about why my most popular post is getting traffic and repeating that when I choose my next topic. Basic concept but worth highlighting as it does get lost when you get bogged down with it all. Also, your comments on social media help take the pressure off. Very useful, sensible article. A free 5-part SEO email course that will show you step-by-step how to grow traffic from zero to , visitors per month with search.

All Rights Reserved. Contact Twitter. For a lot of you, this might mean venturing into a new blog project. So what does that mean for blog creators? New blogs are started everyday, all with the goal of achieving exactly what I described above. But most people fail. Some mistakes are fixable, some mistakes are irreversible. But all of them avoidable. Here are the top 7 mistakes that people make when starting a new blog and how to avoid them.


Publishing articles too quickly The first mistake that I want to address is content quantity. What ends up happening is that the site gets filled up with thin, low-quality content. What to do instead Stop publishing content just for the sake of publishing content. They go hand in hand. Understand that an empty site is not a bad thing.

Niche: The Very Beginning

One article can bring in more traffic than articles. One article can bring in enough traffic to make you a full-time income. Buying articles for cheap This goes along with point 1. A bargain. What you should do instead Focus only on creating high-quality, in-depth articles over words long. For the first 20 or so articles on my new sites, I always write all of the content myself. And every bit is worth it in these beginning stages. And the only way to do that is to create something awesome that people would actually link to. Focusing on multiple traffic sources One of the biggest mistakes I see is people focusing on too many traffic sources — mainly through social media.

The main thing to remember is that you should be focusing on one thing at a time. Targeting niches that are too small One of the best reasons to build a blog these days is due to how strong authority blogs rank in the search engines. You rank new pages almost instantly, and you pull in tons of long-tail traffic. First,I was targeting a niche with very high search volume keywords.

Second, I gave myself room to scale before I built out the blog Before I even launch any blog, I make sure I do proper growth planning. Like I said, once you build up authority to your site, the SEO game completely changes.

Niche - First Look

You have plenty of room to scale the site into hundreds of pages. Ordering link spam packages Despite Google having changed completely to combat spam links, there seems to be no change in the number of people selling and ordering these link blast packages. So how should you build links then?

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Understand the purpose of building blog comments and forum comments Blog and forum comments are still one of the most popular forms of link building. While under-optimization is not much of an issue, accidentally keyword stuffing is. The only things you should be concerned with are: Clean, readable text. Proper formatting. Not formatting your content properly is, in my opinion, one of the worst things you can do. I personally spend way too much time on text formatting.

How many posts do I need to launch a niche site? - Niche Site Project

Conclusion There are a lot of moving parts in building and growing a blog. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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I am using a 13 year old expired domain and the articles get indexed in days. What is your advice for the new niche site I am building?