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Tip #1 – Find Your Target’s Favorite Networks
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As the complicated stories engage the readers in slow thinking, they actively engage with the content — commenting and sharing their feedback on the blog post. CoSchedule did an analysis on the relationship between a headline and its likelihood of getting shared on social media. Post titles that are emotionally charged received a higher number of shares. Tweak your post title and load it with emotional words to get a better shot at going viral or at least driving higher engagement.

The audience demography, motives and overall personality on different social media governs shareability. The most popular blog headlines are different for every social network. And the common words in viral headlines for each network are also different.

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So, would you be interested in proven strategies that fuel sharing on different social network platforms? You should try to convey the practical applications of reading your article to the user in the blog headline. Ultra-Specificity — You can use statistics and data to establish trust as well as demonstrating your authority. Uniqueness — Stand out and show your personality. Embrace your weirdness or funny side. I hope that you now feel more confident of writing engaging post titles on social media.

But, the elements of a compelling blog headline go on beyond the words on all social network platforms.

Sociology - Top UK University Subject Tables and Rankings - Complete University Guide

Facebook gives you the option to share your update in various forms — links, photos, polls, videos and more. You get tons of formatting flexibility. The micro-blogging network requires you to take a no-nonsense approach. The optimal length for getting higher engagement reply rate and retweet rate is characters. Buffer found their sweet spot between characters.

Here is a graph of their engagement for tweets. You can use this formula to plot your engagement graph on a spreadsheet. Here is a list of the top 20 words. Here is an example by Anum that shows how you should place the links in a tweet. You can tag up to 10 people in a photo on Twitter and increase your chances of getting RTs. The ideal length of a hashtag is 6 characters.


A good tweet will draw attention or pique the curiosity of your target audience. It will also create an urgency to get clicks on the link to your blog post. Facebook was a premium location for marketers to interact with their audience, before the organic reach decline. But you can still drive considerable traffic from the platform of this by sharing compelling updates using the strategies below.

Latest studies show that the engagement from links currently triumphs photos and other type of updates on Facebook. Maintain a professional look by removing the URLs from the link updates you post. You can try links. Posting pictures to Facebook works well, if the pictures are self-explanatory. It might mean writing captions on photos like Sportskeeda. So restrict yourself to using a couple of descriptive lines when posting on Facebook. Also be wary of your link title lengths. They get truncated in the feed after characters. When they published the article, it received good traction on social media.

You should focus on instructional, educational and industry update content on LinkedIn. Sharing your opinions on a subject in words with a link to your article works well on the platform. The optimal length for a LinkedIn post found by a study conducted on companies was 25 characters. Visuals receive better engagement on the platform. Be mindful of frequency. Stout still receive high-quality engagement from the platform. Dustin W.

Writing for an academic journal: 10 tips

Write an insightful summary for your blog post. You can explain why the blog post is important. Adding your opinion on the content piece is also a good idea. You can use these formatting options while writing the post. He has managed to receive considerable engagement on his longer ones. Make sure that the first sentence of your update after the bolded headline is enticing in order to get it read.

So, I recommend you to separately upload visually appealing images in all of your updates.

They can even stretch across the entire screen. You can also upload screengrabs and charts. Many bloggers advocate that you should spend an equal amount of time crafting a clever blog headline after writing your main body. We already saw the emphasis that viral websites like UpWorthy and BuzzFeed place on writing and testing their headlines.

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Initially, it may take about an hour to write so many headlines. Caitlin at Blinkist along with a teammate took up the 25 headlines challenge for 4 articles. They then tested them on Twitter. Here are their results from one test. I want to inspire you to improve your blog headline writing chops. Here is my set of 25 headlines for this post that took me around 20 minutes to write.

Headlines 5, 7, 8, 17, 25 were the most stand out for me besides the chosen one for the article. Value-adding content is the bare minimum for building a loyal audience and getting shares. Headlines are the most vital element in your posts, even on social media. So, write headlines for different social network platforms using the proven strategies I shared in the post and test your chosen best ones using tools like KingSumo headline optimizer. What kind of headlines work for your audience on social media?

And what tools and templates do you use to write headlines? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I feel your pain. But you need not worry. Why the title of your blog post is the most crucial element for increasing its shareability? This KISSmetrics article mentions that people consume only the first 3 and the last 3 words in headlines.